DPP GDPR’s specialist’s solicitors will assist your organisation during compliance audits or in dealing with data breaches with expert legal advice and support.

Get a partner you can trust to help navigate these GDPR regulations, and gain peace of mind knowing that you meet the legal requirements for compliance with team at GDPR.

Our team of expert data protection solicitors can help you prepare for any GDPR audits carried out by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), the regulatory office for GDPR in the UK.

We can complete a compliance gap analysis to help you identify any processes or policies in need of improvement, especially those related to:

  • Governance
  • Scope of compliance
  • Personal data processes
  • Risk management
  • Data protection officers
  • Data subject rights
  • GDPR resourcing

Failure to comply with any requirements can result in breaches of data, which can lead to an ICO investigation or prosecution.

DPP GDPR has experience in advising companies in rectifying data breaches, identifying the problem, and developing stronger security processes to help protect your critical data.

Get solid assurance that your organisation is compliant with expert legal advice and support from DPP GDPR. Learn more about our GDPR audits services below.

Why does my business need a GDPR audit?

Conducting regular audits can help you discover any weak spots in your security, and will also highlight any gaps in your current processes.

GDPR audits provide a neutral assessment and distinct approach to staying compliant. This, in turn, will give your customers and clients the assurance that their data is protected with you.

During an audit, ICO officers will come to your place of work, assess your business processes, and speak to your staff members to get an idea of the state of GDPR compliance in your business. They can then validate your processes, share best practices, and provide recommendations for improvement.

How our GPDR Solicitors Can Help You

Our audit specialists are experts in all aspects of data protection law, and will work closely with your organisation and data protection officers to help you make sure everything is in place for your GDPR audit. We’ll provide clear advice to help you review your current processes and prepare your business for an ICO audit.

We have experience in assisting with cases from all aspects of GDPR law, from giving legal advice regarding data retention and data breaches, to reviewing or drafting contract clauses and privacy notices.

Gain the trust of your customers and prepare your business for a GDPR audit. Contact our specialist audit solicitors today to learn more about our GDPR compliance solutions.

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