About Us

DPP-GDPR is a new partnership formed by Stuart Nolan and Ian Whitehurst. Our team of GDPR solicitors provide businesses with advice and guidance on all areas of data protection and GDPR.

This includes appeals, audits, gap analysis, HR support, compliance, technology law and contract law.

Our expertise

Our solicitors have extensive experience resolving cases involving data protection and GDPR.

Our founders, Ian Whitehurst and Stuart Nolan, also have a wealth of experience in cybercrime and criminal defence law. Both leading defence lawyers in their field, their advice and advocacy skills are faultless.

Ian Whitehurst has a multitude of experience in dealing with cybercrime and data protection law. He also has a proven track record in serious crimes. This includes firearm conspiracies, homicide, drug crime, money laundering and sexual offences.

Stuart was amongst the first solicitor advocates to defend criminal cases in Crown Court. He is an expert in defending allegations of murder, industrial fraud and historical sexual abuse, among other matters.

Our services

Whether you need advice about data protection contracts, you’re waiting on an internal investigation or you would like guidance on how to deal with a data breach, our services cover a wide range of areas.

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